about us


1. exhibiting abundance or fullness, as in thoughts or words; 2. having or yielding an abundant supply; 3. large in quantity or number; abundant; plentiful.

Copiosity’s goal is simply to provide impressive choices in designer greeting cards, stationery, invitations and paper products that have a dynamic impact on relationships, communications and special occasions.

We reflect life back at you in an often refreshing, kind of offbeat, human-inspired, really artistic, sometimes funky, and sometimes, insane way.  To do so we ruminate and we laugh, (a lot,) to create products in our justcougars.com merry surroundings-bounded by no constraints except our imaginations and our environment, the Universe.

The clang and clatter of just about every art-making machinery imaginable at the Pyramid Atlantic Art Center serves as the backdrop to where all the magic happens.

There, in the midst of our creative madness, we continually wonder: Can we mix together quite different, more exotic schismatic qualities, like quirky and functional, bold and eloquent and whimsical and poignant, to see if these odd bedfellows really could make very appealing designer greeting cards, stationery, invitations, and paper products?  Of course we can and so we did!

And in doing so we appreciate the varied sophistication of our audience not assuming that one size fits all tastes.  Everything we design for our audience has intentional purpose, value and functionality-the inspiration for our goods coming from…well …you name it…